Montessori Community School is an independent co-educational day school and daycare center enrolling 150 students. We currently have daycare contracts with 3 counties to provide free or very inexpensive daycare for income-eligible families through Job and Family Services.
Montessori is for All Children
Children and staff members of all races, ethnic background and religions are welcomed at Montessori. We are not a religion-based program but instead we focus on building attitudes of cooperation, team-work, tolerance and social responsibility. We value diversity of background and culture when choosing staff members. Each teacher is a unique and important piece in the patchwork quilt of our school.

Summer Camp Staff Keeps Children Safe
Unlike a few community-based summer camp programs, our staff does not change during the summer months. Talented teachers, with many years of experience and with state mandated certification in child development and/or college education, are in charge of the health, safety, and welfare of your children. Young teen-age/counselors are not employed to staff our summer camp program with just a weekend of training to get them ready for their summer job. Summer time is traditionally a time of outdoor activity and a time for children to get involved in more “accident-type” behavior. And certain studies suggest that summer is also a time when children lose around 50% of their recently acquired academic knowledge. We believe that skilled teachers with years of experience and training are more equipped to handle these typical needs of active, curious children. Lead teachers meet weekly to plan curriculum, organize field trips and special projects. The focus is always on keeping your child safe.

The Non-Nap Room
Some preschool children have out-grown their need for an afternoon nap. Rather than expecting all children to remain on their cots during the scheduled “nap-time”, we offer another option. Children are invited, when deemed appropriate by both parent and teacher, to join the afternoon Discovery Room class for a relaxing rest period, socialization with peers and further exploration of educational toys and games. Children may relax with a book, watch a video with some friends or find a warm and quiet place to recharge after a busy morning of play. After a few hours of restful play, children return to their home-base classroom for “late-day” activities.

Low Staff Turn-over
We pride ourselves on our low staff turn-over. Our lead teachers range from two years at the very least to eighteen years. We have a core staff of seasoned professionals. Our newer staff members are often education students. Montessori enjoys the benefits of having a relationship with the local college branch.

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