Born to Read Project

We are about to kick off our BORN TO READ PROJECT at Montessori. Our goal is to become the very best center in the community to develop early language and reading skills. We are beginning with infants and moving right through third grade to maximize reading achievement in every way we can. We are beefing up our classroom environments to surround children with letters, words, books, songs, rhymes, toys, games and electronic devices that have the potential of encouraging young learners to read.  

We are asking our teachers to move beyond their comfort level and learn everything they possibly can about early language and reading skill development. We are asking our teachers to build language and reading skills into the math and science curriculum creating a total learning environment steeped in all things READING. Our teachers are excited about the project and will be using fun and playful approaches in their work with your children to get the job done.

We have forged our first partnership with Readers’ Garden Bookstore, a wonderful bookstore in Granville, and received our first donation for gifting books to our children from patron, Barbara Pursley. We hope to partner with others in the community as our program develops. We are hoping for tips from our families for possible resources or partners to help us enrich our reading program.

As many of you know by now, teachers, parents and superintendents across Ohio have already expressed their concerns about THE THIRD GRADE READING GUARANTEE. This Ohio Law basically requires third graders to pass the State reading proficiency test in order to advance to fourth grade. This may seem harsh but it will push school districts to do more to ensure that students are learning to read. We intend to do more and to do it much earlier than third grade.THE BORN TO READ PROJECT is designed to fill that need and address the concerns of young families in our community. A READING WELL BY THIRD GRADE summer camp for second graders is in the works for 2014. So standby for action. We are on our way!

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