Kindergarten Room (all day and latch-key)

Montessori offers an all-day Kindergarten program that is in session all day, Monday through Friday. The full day Kindergarten program is chartered by the Ohio department of Education. The charter is posted in our office. The Kindergarten teacher is certified by the Ohio Department of Education. Our Kindergarten program has been developed to meet the needs of working parents who need more than a 3-hour Kindergarten program for their children.

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Our Kindergarten program is charted by the Ohio Department of Education, which means that we must meet all of the requirements of a public’s school Kindergarten curriculum. The chartering designation also provides our school with opportunities to receive top-notch math and science tools, including computers, manipulative and other hands on learning equipment. Our kindergarten program is open during most school vacation weeks, snow days and other typical school closing days. Refer to the school calendar for exact days. A separate brochure is available upon request describing the curriculum, goals, Kindergarten teacher resume, and daily schedule and listing the many advantages of a full day kindergarten curriculum.

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Below are miscellaneous videos of Montessori Newark Kindergartners…

Kindergarten Christmas: Singing at the Reese Center on OSU Newark Campus:



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