Planning Ahead

When you are dropping off or picking up your child, please use the far entrance on Frasure Drive and exit onto Country Club Drive. A blocked driveway is detrimental to the safety of all children. To help keep the flow of traffic running smoothly, please be patient, do not block the path of another vehicle and do not block the outside lane in front of the school. We need to keep the outside lane for emergency vehicles and forward moving vehicles exiting the school. Please do not leave your car motor running in an unattended vehicle, even in the cold or inclement weather. This is a safety rule that must be enforced.

Early morning staff will open car doors and assist children (except Toddlers and Butterflies) from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. only. Children (except Toddlers and Butterflies) will go directly to the Kindergarten room until 7:00 am, and then they will go to their room for the day. Parents arriving after 9:30 a.m. will need to help their child into school. Toddler and Butterfly parents will need to drop off their children at the toddler house in their rooms. Morning half-day students will be assisted into cars for departure at 12:00 p.m. Please be prompt. Cars should enter the Frasure Drive entrance and stay in the lane closest to the building. Parents may remain in their cars until their child is assisted into the car and exit onto Country Club Drive.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing for both indoor and outdoor play. Dress according to the weather. Shorts, sweatshirts, jeans and other casual clothes are considered appropriate attire. Avoid sending your children in school in their best outfits. Playtime can be messy at school and sometimes paint, magic markers, grass stains, sand, juice and other good things can ruin clothes. Teachers will make special effort to protect clothing by encouraging children to wear paint smocks and by adding detergent to certain paints but parents must be prepared for spots and stains from time to time in preschool life.

Please send an extra set of clothing to school for your child in a shoebox or zip lock bag, clearly marked with your child’s name. Check the extra clothes box from time to time to make sure that all needed items are there and they still fit. Remember to alternate summer and winter clothing as the seasons change. If a child needs a change of clothing and there are no clothes available, the parents will be called to bring in the needed clothing items.

All children are expected to participate in outdoor play program. We believe that children derive many health benefits from regular exercise in most kinds of weather. Decision to participate in outside play is based on factors including but not limited to: wind chill factor, muddy puddles on the playground, rain, high winds, wet and unsafe equipment and other unpredictable problems. On some days going for neighborhood walks is a good alternative. Children may NOT stay inside during recess periods. In order to maintain safe teacher/child ratios, all classroom teachers participate in playground supervision. Teachers are not available to stay inside with mildly ill children. Children who are too sick for limited outdoor play in appropriate weather must be kept at home until they feel better.

Each all-day child is assigned a cot clearly marked with the child’s name for naptime. Classroom teachers will clean the cots on a regular basis. Please send in a personal blanket and pillow for your child to use during naptime. Please lauder these items over the weekend and bring them back each Monday morning. Our teachers may darken the rooms, play soft music or rub backs to help the children get to sleep.

If your child has a special toy, stuffed animal or blanket that helps him feel comfortable or ease naptime stress, please feel free to bring it to school. We welcome anything that helps a child feel more at home and comfortable in his or her new environment. Transitions can be difficult and oftentimes a blanket or a teddy bear can help a little one adjust.

Parents of toddlers and Infants are asked to provide diapers and wipes for their children. Their staff will keep you informed of supplies as needed. Please label the diaper bag and the wipe container with you child’s name.

Please send in box of tissues from time to time especially during the cold and flu season.

Parents are asked to donate a healthy snack once a month to their child’s classroom. Many children enjoy helping with the preparation of snack and passing it out to their friends and classmates at snack time. Interesting, new foods from home are much appreciated by all of the children.

Please discourage your child from bringing toys to school whenever possible. Toys can be misplaced, lost or broken. Toys can also be the source for sharing difficulties. Check with your child’s classroom teacher about the best time to share toys. As a general rule, children will be asked to keep their personal toys in their cubbies until free playtime. Children are not allowed to bring toy guns or other weapons to school. We prefer toys that can be used in socially constructive ways. Toys, videos, computer games and books that portray violence are usually inappropriate in the classroom. Videos from home must be G-rated.

Science and nature items, objects or art, C.D.s, tapes, computer games, favorite books, hobbies and collections are excellent things to share at school. Children may also enjoy sharing news about vacations, family events or special activities.

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